hi. My name is bj.


I love music. I love writing, performing, listening, & experiencing music.

I am not entirely sure where that came from. My family is not made up of musicians. In fact, both my parents were deaf. Growing up, my house was mostly silent. I think in silence, sound has more meaning.

There's something about a lyric, a melody, a chord - thoughtfully expressed sounds that carry a mysterious amount of weight - sometimes heavy like a crashing wave - sometimes gentle like a summer breeze.

I can remember the first time I felt this. I was listening to my grandma's George Jones cassettes. I remember the tasteful country piano riffs - laden with grace notes. I remember the southern-twang sorrowing melody - peppered with heartbreak. Musicality and emotions that I could not understand, yet it captivated me. 

As a songwriter and performer, I hope to elicit the same response. Whether a silly song that makes you laugh or a thought-provoking ballad that questions ideals, I want the reverberation to be deep and resounding. I want to connect with people.

Connection has always been my favorite part of music. I love playing to a room full of strangers - a few songs in ... you are family. Music speaks to all of us in a variety of ways. It's a common-thread in the tapestry of humanity - connecting us all with each other.

If you'd like to connect with me, please consider supporting my music on PATREON.



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D.A.D. - EP

by BJ Huffman